PHP 7.3

As of release 9.4.016, Scriptcase is also compatible with PHP 7.3, bringing major improvements in performance and security.

How to update to the new environment

We strongly recommend upgrading to the environment with PHP 7.3. To do so, we have made this process as easy as possible. Check the steps:

Version 9

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Version 8 or before

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It’s simple. You only need to download a trial version from the site. After installing it you will have 20 days to test your projects in the new environment. To make this test easier, Scriptcase will have the option to import/restore enable projects only for a limited time. That way you can import your projects without registering a license until you decide to transfer them to Scriptcase 9 in PHP 7.3 definitely. See an installation tutorial.
If you use a different version of Scriptcase than V9.x. (V8.x, V7.x, V6 ..), you need to convert your projects to test them in Scriptcase with PHP 7.3.Check out this tutorial for the complete walkthrough.
No, but we strongly recommend upgrading to the PHP 7.3 environment. If you are in Scriptcase 9 and want to continue using the PHP 7.0 environment, you can because nothing will change. We will continue to support and update as usual.
To download the installer with PHP 7.0 you can access this link.
Yes. Applications generated by Scriptcase 9 with PHP 7.3 are approved to work in production environments with PHP 5.6 and 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3. However, we always recommend that you keep your environment up to date.
No. Projects developed in previous versions are fully environmentally compatible with PHP 7.3, and their current version will not stop working. You can keep both versions working in parallel for testing because each version uses different installation ports, one does not replace the other.
No. You can keep both versions, they will work on separate ports. Version 9.4.016 has a unique installer package that installs any new environment with PHP 7.3 in it. If you prefer, you can also download and try it free for 20 days.
If you have an active Scriptcase 9 license, you can use the same license with the new PHP 7.3 environment. However, you will have to perform the “request for new installation” procedure to generate your new serial key. You can view your licenses on our portal at this link.
Yes, you can upgrade as long as you have projects in version 9.4.016.
Simply log in to your client environment with the same username and password you used to purchase your license.
No, to have the new environment with PHP 7.3 you must perform a new installation.
Yes, you only need PHP 7.3, IonCube and Apache. Access the tutorial:


Pro Performace

30% faster than PHP 7.0 and 2X faster than PHP 5.6

Pro Safety

Knowing as the most secure and stable version of PHP!


Approved production environments for PHP versions: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

Optimized Connection

13 core drivers and 37 specific drivers with updated databases gaining performance


You can choose using the development environment with either PHP 7.0 or 7.3

Simple Test

Without compromising what has been developed so far you just install and import your projects into the new environment.

PHP Improvements

New PHP Features

Some new PHP features were added in order to save time and avoid errors

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New PHP Functions

Some new PHP functions were added

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New PHP Global Constants

More than 120 global constants added and are ready to go!

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Syntax Improvements

Heredoc and nowdoc, evolved to decrease the rigidity of their syntax and become more flexible

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