Scriptcase 9.3 - new features for report, searches, WhatsApp integration and more!

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The brand new release comes with new features and functionalities that perfectly suits you and your users, it comes with a stunning capability for export PDF reports and others files, the powerful field options are now onboard in the filters and finally the Whatsapp integration. Check out detailed features list below.

New Export Options

Grids,Charts, Summaries and Forms with new features for the PDF exporting

  • Fixed or variable passwords to protect you exported report
  • New option to add titles and headers on all pages of PDFs
  • Dynamic columns selection
  • Dynamic selection of modules for PDF display (Grid, Summary and Chart)
  • Option for password in form PDF export
  • Option to export compressed PDF (.zip) in grid, chart and form applications
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New Export Options
Filtro consultas

New features also for other export options:

In addition to the export PDF, new features were added to the other files as well:

  • Fixed or variable passwords to protect you exported report also for XML, EXCEL, WORD, RTF and PRINT
  • Dynamic selection of columns also in exports to Excel, XML, WORD, RTF, CSV, and PRINT
  • Option to export Grids and Summaries in a new Excel tab
  • Option to export Excel with "XLS" or "XLSX" formats
  • Dynamic module selection (Grid and Summary) in Excel, XML and CSV and Grid in Word, RTF
  • Option to display CSV settings for export
  • Option for password in chart export to Excel, Word, CSV, XML and images
  • Option to display items in the export to the end user in the grid and chart applications
  • Option for password in chart export to PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, XML and images
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Filtro consultas

New built-in API

API integration with Whatsapp to send messages.

  • New application template using WhatsApp API
  • New option for setting the level of the APIs as public, project and user
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New built-in API

Trendlines and Trendzone in Charts

Trendlines that help viewers easily interpret data. You can use them to set the context for data (with tooltips) or define limits and targets.

  • Trendline - You can insert a trendline in a chart, to attract the attention of viewers to a particular section within data values, on any of the axes.
  • Trendzone - Trend zones are similar to trend lines, except that they mark out an entire range of values, rather than just a single value.
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Trendlines and Trendzone in Charts

Development Interface improvements

New features and components that will help the user decrease the development time with Scriptcase. These new everyday features will make it easier to create and edit applications:

  • Option for you to create/edit code snippets and add to events
  • New options to express configuration for Grid fields.
  • Improvements to usability of Grid application link-interface.
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Code snipets


Driving accuracy with the new capabilities for Search modules

  • Added for Grid and Form filters the select2, slide, auto-complete, switch and checkbox dropdown and options - fields
  • New watermark options in filter fields.
  • Option for data-type fields to display format next or below for: Control, Calendar, Filters and Form.
  • Added relative dashboard filters for indexes
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Other implementations

In addition to the features above, we have added also:

  • Fixed label option added in the application for the horizontal-type Form
  • Fixed label option added in the Grid’s Summary
  • Added new option for the Form to put the “Help” next to the titles
  • New Macro sc_apl_default added to set an initial application to return upon session crash
  • Macro sc_apl_default now available at creation for security module
  • Option "Distinguish uppercase/lowercase" in the express edition of the applications
  • Option to allow files to be downloaded through Document type fields, even if readonly
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Fixed label sc_apl_defaut macro

Introducing Scriptcase 9.3

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FAQ for those who already use Scriptcase

We've explained some frequently asked questions to those who already work with Scriptcase, if you're not able to find the answer to your question, you can contact us.
No, to have version 9.2 you only need to update your Scriptcase by accessing the menu in the "Help -> Update Version" option. It is important that you do these updates even if you do not have the right to the new features (update expired), because together with the version, we also send corrections and improvements that are independent of the right or not to receive new features.
To find out if your upgrade / subscription date is active, access your user environment HERE to see the details of your license. If you have the update date (Upgrade / Subscription) active, you are entitled to download the updates for free. Just update your Scriptcase by accessing the menu in the "Help -> Update Version" option.
No, as it is an update within version 9 itself you do not need to perform a new installation, just update within the same version you already use by accessing the menu in the "Help -> Update Version" option.
No, the 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2 projects are fully compatible with version 9.3. There is no need to migrate projects.
No, version 9.3 uses the same Version 9.2 environment (Apache 2.4.3, PHP 7.0 and SourceGuardian).
The conversion process is automatic for versions 6, 7, 8 and 8.1. Click here ( for a complete tutorial of conversion.
We have two license types: annual with expiration date at a lower price; and perpetual licenses with no expiration date with only optional yearly updates