Understanding the process of conversion

All projects developed using older versions ( 8x,7x or 6 ) can be automatically converted to the new version. That way your developed projects can benefit from all features available on V9.
Production environment for generated applications approved for PHP 5.6 and 7.

Read some important information to upgrade your version below

Renew and upgrade your license

In order to acquire Scriptcase 9 it’s necessary to Renew the Upgrade Extension for your older version 6, 7x and 8x. We are currently offering PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNTS , you can find more about our license arrangments HERE.

Download and install Scriptcase 9

The version 9 will work on a new installation that runs independently from previous versions installed (v6, v7x and v8x). That way you’ll have both versions (ou all versions) working at the same time. You can download Scriptcase 9 installation pack HERE.

Convert your projects

The conversion procedure takes place from the version 9, which will make a reading on the folder “scriptcase” of the previous version, copying and converting all the projects, applications, schemes, data dictionary, languages and connections within, so that it’s possible to work fully on version 9. This process will not change anything from the previous version.

Free technical support to guide your convertion

Our technical support team is available to assist you with the conversion process. Use our LIVE CHAT to communicate with our opperators.

I’ve converted my biggest project to test all features that already existed. I was glad to know that 95% of these features worked perfectly, only a few adjustments, but nothing that would compromise the project.

Kleyber Derick

Scriptcase developer since V5- Brazil

I’ve been working as developer and consultant for more than 25 years now, i have more than 120 projects developed with Scriptcase and as always, convert to a new release is a challenge.
I’ve incorporated many of the Scriptcase 9 innovations to systems that are already in production, all of which were very well received by my clients and they also realized a significant improvement in performance for production due to PHP version upgrade. Our work team is already 100% developing all the projects with Scriptcase 9. Many of our clients are Scriptcase developers as well, and we have already converted to the new version of their work environments as well, with no hassle.
I believe this is the best version of Scriptcase and I would like to thank the Netmake team for this work

Pablo Montesano

Desenvolvedor - Barcelona/Espanha

Version 9 is fantastic, I’ve converted my projects and I have already started to add the new features of the version, it was easy and fast. In fact, the version is amazing.

Jailton Silva

Scriptcase Developer since V3 - Brazil

Frequently asked questions for who already work with Scriptcase

We detail few frequently asked questions for those who already work with Scriptcase, we remind you that we're going to make videos and step-by-step tutorials how to install and migrate projects, if you don't find the answer to your question, you may contact us.

How do I convert my projects of a Scriptcase older version to Scriptcase 9?

The conversion process is automatic for versions 6, 7, 8 and 8.1. Click Here to see a complete conversion tutorial.

Will I lose my projects with new version release?

R: No. Projects made by versions 7 and 8/8.1 will be totally compatible with version 9, therefore your current version won't stop working.

Do I need to uninstall Scriptcase 8 to use Scriptcase 9?

No. You can work with 2 versions, they just need different roots.

How do I migrate my projects if I only have one license?

When v9 be released you can check in your customer portal area a new serial v9 available. You just need to install, register and start the migration.

I have Scriptcase v8/8.1. Am I eligible to Scriptcase 9?

R: Yes. As long your updates are valid, you just need to download and install the new version.

How can I know if my updates are valid and expire date?

R: Go to insert the same user and password as you have used to purchase your license.

What will happen to my v8/8.1 license?

R: Will continue working normally. Both versions will have different serial keys.

My license v8/8.1 will become annual?

R: No. Licenses will continue lifetime with optional updates renewal. If your updates expire, you continue working with Scriptcase normally.

I want to buy a new license, which options I have?

R: When Scriptcase9 be released, we are going to offer 2 types of licensing: annual licenses with expire date for a lower cost; and perpetual licenses without expire date (just annual updates renewal).

Get ready to receive the Scriptcase new version

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