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General Overview

What is Scriptcase?

Scriptcase is a complete development tool. Having a friendly web interface, Scriptcase creates PHP applications extremely fast, with quality. Builded to save your time, reduce your costs, gain productivity and integrating your development team. You’ll be able to create many types of applications like Grid, Chart, Form, Calendars and many other applications that Scriptcase offers. Installing on a web server, Scriptcase can be accessed simultaneously by many developers through the browser, allowing remote and collaborative development. The source code is in PHP and it works independently of the tool, allowing your deployment to work on any Web Server if it supports PHP.

How does Scriptcase work?

Scriptcase works generating web applications in PHP. Always relating the content with the most used databases on the market.

Which source code is generated?

Scriptcase generates (PHP, JavaScript, HTML and AJAX) source code. The generated code is totally independent from the tool and can be published on a web server with PHP enabled. The PHP language is free (GNU) and can be used on a operating system (Windows, Linux or Mac), PHP processes are done on the Server.