On this screen we must define the display configuration of the nested Grids in the main application.

We can define the general behavior of the nested Grids or use the Define Individually in the attributes and define the appearance and behavior individually, in each nested Grid created.


configuration attributes

This configuration block defines how the nested Grid will be displayed in the main application.

iframe mode

This attribute defines whether or not the iframe is used to display the called application.

This implies the full use of the functionality of the query configured as nested Grid, such as: Pagination, filters, export, breaks, columns and ordering.

Title on the same line

This attribute defines whether the nested Grid column titles will be displayed on the same line as the main Application Title.

This attribute is available when the iframe mode and Enable TreeView options are set to No or Individually Defined.

The configuration options are:

  • Yes - In this option, the title of the nested Grid columns will be embedded in the title of the main application, as in the example below.
  • No - In this case the Positioning will be displayed so that we can define the positioning of the nested Grid.
  • Define individually - Enables setting the Title on the same line in the configuration of each nested Grid created, so that the behavior can be defined individually.
Example of nested Grids displayed on the same row

Using the title of the Grid nested in the same row.

Enable TreeView

This option adds a feature to hide/show the nested Grid in the query.

The display of the nested Grid will be defined by the Positioning.

Choosing Yes will disable the Same Line Title option.

Example of Nested Grid with TreeView

Using nested treeview na Grid


Defines the location of the nested Grid within the main application.

This attribute will be displayed when setting Yes in the Title option on the same line.

The options are:

  • In a column - A column will be added after the last field of the main application
  • Below a record - The nested Grid will be displayed below the record line.
  • Define Individually - Enables the Positioning configuration attribute in the configurations of each nested Grid created, so that the behavior can be defined individually.
Example of nested Grid In a Column with TreeView

![Show the nested Grid in the same row of the main query record][img_ex_subquery_column]

Example of nested Grids Under a Record with TreeView

Show the nested Grid on a separate line below the main query record

Nested Grid Positioning

This attribute is available if the main application has two or more nested Grids and if they are configured to display below the record.

In this case, we can define whether to display next to each other or below each other.

Example nested grid shown side by side

![Example of nested Grids displayed side by side][img_ex_subquery_side_by_side]

Sample nested grid shown one below the other

![Example of the nested Grid shown below][img_ex_subquery_abaixo]


Allows you to configure the alignment of the nested Grid in relation to the main query when the Positioning option is Below a Record.

The options are: Left, Right and Center.

This option is available only if the Location attribute is set to Below Record

Remove application padding and margins

Remove margins and padding from the called app to make it fit better on the screen.


border Removes the borders of the called application’s main table to better fit the display

iframe configuration

These settings are only available if the iframemode attribute in the Settings block is set to Yes

Nested Grid Configuration Attribute Block

Nested Grid Configuration

Nested Grid configuration attribute block

This configuration block defines whether or not the nested Grid will be exported with the main application.

The NestedGrid can be added in the following export types: PDF, [Excel][link_export_excel, XML {: target=”_blank”} and JSON

This setting is only available if the iframe mode attribute in the Settings block is set to No or Set Individually

Each type of export can be defined as follows:

  • Yes - This option will include the nested Grid when exporting.
  • No - This option will not include the nested Grid when performing the export.
  • Define individually: enables the export field in the nested Grids created, so that the display definition in the export is defined individually.