New link

To create a new link with a Nested Grid, click the New Link item in the Links within Nested Grid folder.

Creating a new nested grid

Add a new Nested Grid

Enter the name and label of the link to be created.

Add a new Nested Grid

  • Name - Defines the name of the Nested Grid. The name field only allows numbers, unaccented letters, and underscores.
  • Label: defines the display text of the Nested Grid column.
  • Advanced Nested Grid - defines the use of the iframe to open the Nested Grid, allowing the use of various features of the query

The Label attribute has no character restriction and allows the use of lang.

Application List

All project applications available for the link will be listed. In this step, the developer must select the destination application that will be used in the connection.

Tela com a lista de aplicações disponíveis para ligação de edição

Finding Applications

To assist in locating the application, you can use the grouping buttons or the Search field.

Search field

Campo pesquisa para buscar a aplicação pelo seu nome

The search is performed by application name.

Grouping Buttons

botões para agrupamento das aplicações

In this grouping there are three visualization options:


Lists all applications in the project alphabetically a-z.

Example of applications without clustering

Exemplo da lista de aplicações sem agrupamento

By folder

Lists applications grouped by their folder, according to the organization of applications in the Explorer Project.

Example of applications grouped by Folder

Exemplo da lista de aplicações agrupadas por pasta

  • Item 1 - List of folders created in Explorer Project. Select the folder and all applications in the folder will be displayed on the item 2.
  • Item 2 - List of applications in the folder selected in the__Item 1__.
By type

Lists applications grouped by their respective type.

Example of applications grouped by type

Exemplo da lista de aplicações agrupadas por tipo

Item 1 - Types of existing applications in Scriptcase. Select the type of application you want to list, the applications corresponding to the selected type will be listed in item 2. Item 2 - List of applications referring to the type selected in item 1.

When selecting the destination application, click on Next ».

Definition of parameters

Tela de definição dos parâmetros

In this step, the developer must inform the values that will be passed to the parameters of the destination application.

These parameters can be:

  • Global Variables - Which can be defined in the events or in the target application’s SQL.
  • Primary Key - For connections created with applications of the types: Form and Calendar.


Coluna parâmetro da configuração dos parâmetros da ligação

Lists all parameters defined in the target application.


Conluna tipo do parâmetro

Defines the source type of the value that will be sent to the parameter defined in the destination application.

The options are:
  • Fields - It uses the value of a field from the source application as a parameter.
  • Variable - It uses the value of a global variable, defined in the source application, as a parameter. This option will only be listed if a global variable is defined in an event in the source application.
  • Fixed value - It uses a fixed value, defined in the value column, as a parameter. In this option only alphanumeric values are allowed.
  • No value - Using this option no value is passed. When using this option as a parameter for a primary key, the target application will be displayed in include mode.


Coluna valor que lista os valores que devem ser passados como parâmetro

Defines the value that will be sent as a parameter. The options in this column change according to the selected Type.

  • When selecting Campo - The value column will list all the fields of the source application, which will send the value.
  • When selecting Variable - All global variables defined in the source application will be listed.
  • When selecting Fixed value - A field will be displayed for the value to be informed. The use of variables is not allowed in this option and we must use only alphanumeric values.
  • When selecting No Value - In this case, no value will be sent to the parameter.

Refresh Button

Botão Refresh, usado para recarregar a lista de parâmetros

This button enables ajax reloading of the list of parameters, in this way it is possible to change or add a parameter in the destination application without the need to restart the creation of the connection in progress.

Application without Parameter

To show only the records that meet a certain condition, it is necessary to define parameters, for this the query application must have a WHERE clause with a global variable configured in its SQL.

WHERE grid definition example

SQL Configuration of the Query to be used as a subquery by binding.