Action Bar

Menu de acesso a barra de ação

In the Action Bar menu, we can create new buttons (Ajax or Connection) in our grid, these will be positioned next to the records, as already occurs with the Detail buttons query detail button{:.icon} and Editing application button edit link in query{:.icon}.

This feature also allows you to change the ordering and positioning of all buttons on the action bar, including those automatically created by the tool.

The buttons created in the action bar are only available in the query module with Horizontal orientation.

Action buttons management screen

Visual and Button settings

See in detail how to use the action bar.

Action Bar Macros

Macro Ajax Button Link Button Description
sc_actionbar_clicked_state Indisponível Indisponível Returns the current state of the ajax button created in the action bar.
sc_actionbar_state Indisponível Indisponível Changes the current state of the button to a new state.
sc_actionbar_disable Indisponível Indisponível Disables action bar buttons.
sc_actionbar_enable Indisponível Indisponível Enables action bar buttons, disabled by sc_actionbar_disable macro.
sc_actionbar_hide Indisponível Indisponível Hides an action bar button.
sc_actionbar_show Indisponível Indisponível Show action bar buttons, hidden by sc_actionbar_disable macro.