Application link

Creating an Application Link

This type of link allows the developer to create a link from a grid to a form with the objective of editing the register of a grid’s row.

In the link options, we will choose the Application Link. When we choose this option, edit a register from a Grid will be possible.

Choosing the edit link

Applications list

After we select this option, will be displayed the applications list to what you want to create the link.

This screen can be viewed from the following ways:


In which is possible to see all the project’s applications. Example:

List of all applications

By folder:

In which is possible to see the applications according to the folders in which each of them are.

list of all application folders

By type:

In which is possible to see the applications grouped by its respective types.

List applications type

Definition of Parameters

In this setting we are going to define the type of parameter that will be passed to the next application.

Parameter settings

We have two options at Type of Parameters, they are:

Fixed value:

This option allows the user to define a fixed value that will be used to the call of the next application.

No value:

This option allows to create the link without the need to send any parameter to the next application.

It is also possible to see a refresh button at its right side.Botao Refresh

This button should be used when a new parameter is added to the target application, so the new parameter can be loaded in the current application to make the link.

Form Properties

In those settings, we can define which buttons will be available in the target form application. Initially we have five options, that are:

Form properties

Redirect after inclusion:

In this option we can define what will happen with the application after insert the record.

Redirect after update:

In this option we can define what will happen to the application after update the record.