General Overview

Scriptcase offers a complete generator for your system security through the Security and Log modules. All the Security related to the project users can be found in the Modules menu. Check below how to create these two modules within Scriptcase.

Security Module

It creates an access control with restrictions according to the system users/groups. There are four types of security with different control levels. Scriptcase will create all the necessary database tables and applications to manage the system security according to the type applied.

Scriptcase has five types of security, they are similar, diverging only in how the permissions are applied:User security, Application security, Group security and LDAP security.

Configure Security Modules is simple and quick. Check the following link to see how to set the module. click here.

Log Module

Using the Log Module, you will be able to track and monitor all actions that the system users will make within the systems developed with the Scriptcase. Together with the Security Module, you will have a complete and effective security system rapidly developed for your applications.

Check the following link to see how to set the Log Module with very simple steps, click here.