Use Existing Tables

Security module selection screen by user


Define the connection where the security module tables fixed. All existing connections in the project will be displayed

If you need to create a new connection, click here and see how.

Use existing tables

Allows you to use existing tables in your database. These tables must have, at least, the same fields used by the Scriptcase security module.

We recommend that you use this option if you have used Scriptcase to create the tables before, to minimize errors.

If you want to know the specifications for this security module, click here.

Create tables

Once this option is selected, Scriptcase is responsible for creating the tables necessary for the use of the security module.

Tables prefix

Defines a prefix for the tables that will be created by the security module.

By default, the Scriptcase uses “sec_”.

Delete if tables already exist

This option deletes tables with the same name from your database.

E.G.: When defining the prj_ prefix for your tables, if there is any table with the name prj_users in your database, it will be deleted.

This option is only available when selecting a Create tables option.

Protect Logged Users

This option prevents the same user from accessing the system simultaneously in different session.

By checking this option, the logged table will be created.

When using the default prefix or the table name will be sec_logged.

Use Social Networks

This option allows the configuration of Facebook and Twitter for the authentication of system users.

By checking this option, the users_social table will be created.

When using Social Networks, the Login Template option will not be available to define the security module login layout.