E-mail Settings

Security Module General Configuration Screen

Email Server

Select an email API to use in the security module.

This email will be used in the options:

  • All options of Retrieve Password
  • New User when select the options: Requires activation by email, Send email to administrator.

Custon - Enter the SMTP data in the options below.

The options below are only available when the custon option is selected.

SMTP Server

Enter the SMTP server address.


Enter the SMTP server port. This information must comply with the secure connection option. Use 465 for SSL, 587 for TLS, or 25 for unsafe connection. If you do not inform the port, Scriptcase applies the default one: 25.

Secure Connection

Use SSL or TSL, or leave it blank for insecure connection.

  • SSL
  • TSL


Enter the SMTP User information.

SMTP Password

Enter the SMTP password information.

SMTP E-mail

Enter the SMTP outgoing email.