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Scriptcase Applications

Scriptcase applications list

The Scriptcase offers a wide range of applications that allows the developer to create a complete system. The Scriptcase also allows the integration of the applications with external libraries, boosting its power in the systems development.

See below the available types of applications.


Application used to display data, this application serves as a report where we can do exports to PDF, XLS, XML, and other formats.


Similar to the grid application, this application is available for few databases (MSSQL Server, Oracle and Db2) when selecting the connection, in case the user have a procedure that returns information it will be displayed in this special application.


Application used to insert and update data, there are four different types of orientations.


This application allows the creation of tabs where we can put up other applications like grids and forms.


This application is used to create controls in a system, it is not linked to a table, and it needs the creation of one or more fields to its operation. A example of using is in the creation of a login screen.

It is used to create a hierarchical structure to navigate through the system’s applications. There are two types of menu available in Scriptcase, Horizontal Menu and Tree Menu, that differs only in the preview of its items.

Responsive Menu

It is used to create a hierarchical structure to navigate through the system’s applications.

Application used to create search exclusively to forms.

Report PDF

Application used to generate reports using pre set formats, where we can position the data in the report.


Allows the developer to display applications inserted in widgets.


This application allows the insert of PHP code / HTML and displays the result of its processing. The advantage of using this application is the possibility of using macros and the native integrations with the other applications.


Application where we can maintain an event schedule that can be synchronized to the google calendar.