Export Settings

Google Sheets Settings


API profile

Allows you to set which api profile you want to use.

File name

Allows you to set a name to the file to be created or a file already created in Google Drive.


Allows you to choose the fields to be exported.

PDF Settings

PDF form export settings

PDF Orientation

Allows you to set whether to print in Portrait or Landscape orientation.

PDF Format

Allows you to define the type of form in which the PDF will be printed (letter, A4, etc).

Allows you to set whether the print mode will be colored or economical.

Generate PDF directly

Opens the generated PDF file without the need to display an intermediate page with a link to the file.

Configurable PDF

Allows the user to configure the PDF creation parameters during the execution of the application.

Allows you to print a background in the PDF file.

JS Runtime

Maximum time (in seconds) of server waiting when running JS.

Print Settings

Form print

Allows you to set the contents of the print file (Both, Current Page, Full Report).

Lets you set whether the background will be displayed on the printout.