The message system allows the communication between the registered developers on the same ScriptCase.

You can access this feature. Tools > Messages.

New Message

After clicking on the New Message button, you need to select the user that is going to receive the message.

One message can be sent to many users.

Select the users that'll receive the messages

After typing the message, click on send.

Select the users that'll receive the messages


Receiving the message, the users will be notified by an alert.

Message alert

You can click on the notification bell or access Tools > Message to view the received messages.

Accessing the inbox where all the received messages are stored and ordered by the date.

Inbox Messages


The sent messages are stored in the outbox.

By sending a message to various users, it will be registered a message for each user in the outbox.

Outbox Messages

Read and Reply

Click on the message that you want to read.

Reading a Message

When reading a message, you can reply the received message.

Replying a Message

Received Response

In the Outbox, a responded message can be identified with a Re: before the subject

Inbox with the replies

The original message, will be highlighted in the received response.

Reading the Response

Delete Messages

You can delete the messages individually by clicking on the delete link.

Deleting Messages

You can also delete various messages. Select all the messages that you want to delete and then click on the delete button.

Deleting various messages