General Overview

Scriptcase offers a comprehensive set of security features, integrating security and logging modules to quickly establish efficient access control across your project.

Old Security Module

This module provides system protection, creating access control and defining privileges for users, ensuring that only authorized users have access to certain applications.

Five types of security modules are available, which work in a similar way, their main distinction is in the way permissions are applied to users.

Click here to access documentation about the Old Security Module.

New Security Module

Its operation is similar to the traditional security module, however, it has more configuration options and makes all these options available in the Configuration application, allowing the system’s security settings to be changed at the end, by the system administrator, making the security module more dynamic.

Click here to access documentation about the New Security Module.

Log Module

Records events and activities in the system, creating a detailed history of actions such as login, data updates and other operations. Logs are essential for monitoring user changes to the system and are valuable in audits.

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