New users

Settings for creating new users in the security system.

New users

New Users

Allows new users to register

This option defines the availability of user registration directly in the login system. If you do not check this option, only users with administrative access can add new users.

Requires email activation

This option defines whether the new user must validate their registration by email to activate the account (Configure SMTP email to use this option)

Send email to administrator

This option defines whether the system administrator receives an email whenever a new user is registered. (Configure SMTP email to use this option)

Default Group

Defines the default group that the user will be inserted into when created.

This feature is only available for the group security module or LDAP/Applications

Recover password

Send email with password

The system sends the user’s password via email only if SMTP has been configured correctly, and the password is not using encryption.

Reset password and send new one by email

The system automatically resets the password and sends it to the user via email (only if SMTP has been configured correctly).

The system sends the user a link to access an application and reset the password.

The email sending options, for example, Send email with password or Requires activation by email requires the correct configuration of the administrator’s email in the Email Settings tab.