Two Factor Authentication


Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Determines whether or not two-factor authentication is used in the system. Currently, the security module supports three ways of configuring resources:

  • Authentication: This option will send the code to your Google authentication app.
  • SMS: This option will send the authentication code via SMS.
  • Email: This option will send the authentication code to the configured email.
Operation mode

In this attribute, the developer can define whether users will be required to use authentication to access the system or whether they may not use the resource.

  • All - All users are required to configure
  • Individual - Each user has the option of using authentication or not.

Lists the available APIs according to the type of authentication selected in the Two-factor authentication (2FA) attribute.

If you do not have any API created for the project, use the button Button to reload select to quickly access the API settings.

After configuring the API, click the Select reload button to reload the select values.

If you do not have an API created for use, check here how to create it.

Code expiration time

Set the time in seconds that the 2FA authentication token will expire.