General Overview

A deploy is the final thing you will need to do with your project, so that your applications can be accessed by in the production environment. Basically, it is the development’s final phase, where the ScriptCase user will find the help to deploy the project on a WEB server, this server being correctly setup to guarantee the perfect functionality of the applications.

Scriptcase offers two ways to deploy your project, both of them are detailed below:

We recommend that the production’s PHP version environment, needs to be the same as the Development environment, due to compatibilities of the functions between the versions.

Typical Deploy

It is the type of deploy which the production environment is automatically setup, with all the common libraries used in the applications. In case you need to customize the deploy directories, like the image directory or the temporary directory for example, this type of deployment is not recommended, considering that theses directories are setup by ScriptCase default, not allowing customizing their locations, to deploy with the liberty to choose the directories’ location you will need to do the “Advance” deployment.

To proceed with the Typical Deploy Click Here.

Advanced Deploy

It is a deploy that gives the ScriptCase User the possibility to choose the default directories for the project, e.g., Image Directory, Document Directory, Prod (Common Libraries) Directory and etc. This type of deployment is recommended if you need to specify the directories for the WEB Server, to be used be your projects.

To proceed with the Advanced Deploy Click Here.