Scriptcase 9.6 - automation, forms, security and more.
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Scriptcase 9.6

Packs different mixed features improving automation, native form options, also boosting the built-in security.

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The place that your form needs to be.

New option for vertical alignment in all applications, available in all applications (Excluding blank, tab, and menu).

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Inputs so wide as a 100%.

Native inputs boxes with 100% width as a default setting, the option is ready to go within the settings of the control form and form applications.

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Your labels, just down there.

New option for use the label of your fields below them, find this option at the field’s forms and control forms.

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Data field watermark, now inside the box.

New option for displaying the date field watermark inside the input fields, find this option in the date type fields of the forms.

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Block's watermarks are ready to go.

New option to display the label as watermark, available only in the control application.

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Getting statistical values was never so easy.

Say hello to sc_statistic, from an array with numeric values, it calculates and returns an array with statistical values in a matter of seconds, now you can easily calculate: Median, Variance, Standard deviation, Amplitude, Number of different values, Amount of values, Number of non-null values, Lower value, Highest value.

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Automation & Browsing

Save grid button like never before.

The save grid option stores views created with the grid and summary applications, now with more configuration options.

Freeze your moment, new 'save state' button.

The new button allows saving filtered data from a grid in session.

Do more with the 'lookup' automation.

Option to make use of the grid's 'lookup' within the summary 'lookup', find this option.

Easy browsing within the Summary.

Pin the columns during the horizontal scrolling, option available in the summary.


Say goodbye to re-type password

'Remember me' option for the login screens option available into the security module.
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Http response headers & cookies

New native security features available for all applications, these features will increase the security levels.
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Cookies Secure

Prevents the cookie from being captured via javascript, makes cookies work only in the application domain. More info here.

Auditor XSS

It avoids Cross-site scripting and protects against malicious HTMLs and Javascripts, it is already enabled by default in Scriptcase applications. We have enabled a new option to disable in case the developer needs to control manually.


Forces browsers to use HTTPS in the domain where it is enabled, instead of using HTTP.


This header provides protection against clickjacking, known as 'click swipe' - this vulnerability can steal relevant information and data from the user.


X-Content-Type-Options is used to protect against MIME detection vulnerabilities.


Controls the traffic of sending messages, request control. Most commonly used option is “no-referrer-when-downgrade”.

Feature-Policy & Permissions-policy

Standard browser features, determine what the page will load. They have the same function, with different syntax. The Permissions-policy option is mostly used.


Determines the behavior of API functionality in the browser. The Content-Security-Policy header allows you to restrict resources such as JavaScript, CSS or just about anything the browser loads.

FAQ for those who already use Scriptcase

We've explained some frequently asked questions to those who already work with Scriptcase, if you're not able to find the answer to your question, you can contact us.

Do I need to reinstall Scriptcase?

No, to make use of version 9.6 you only need to update your Scriptcase by accessing the menu in the"Help -> Update Version" option. It is recommended to upgrade to receive corrections and improvements.

How do I know if I have the right to use the features of Scriptcase 9.6?

For Scriptcase annual licenses holders: If your license is active you can make use of all the Scriptcase 9.6 features, otherwise you can renew your license with discounts.

For Scriptcase lifetime licenses holders: If your annual upgrade period is active, you can make use of all the Scriptcase 9.6 features, otherwise you can renew your license with discounts.

Do I need to uninstall Scriptcase 9.5 or (9.x) to use Scriptcase 9.6 ?

No, for Scriptcase 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4 and 9.5 projects are fully compatible with version 9.6. There is no need to migrate projects.

Does the version 9.6 will change any settings of my installation?

No, version 9.6 uses the same version 9.5 environment.

How do I convert a project from version 8 or earlier to version 9?

The conversion process is automatic for versions 6, 7, 8 and 8.1. Conversion guide

I want to purchase a license. What options do I have?

We have two license types: annual with expiration date at a lower price; and perpetual licenses with no expiration date with only optional yearly updates. See Pricing →

Options for all users

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