About us

The beginning of Scriptcase successful history started in 2001 and over the years, after an intensive hard work of two years, it was released the first Scriptcase version. As consequence, Scriptcase had a fast and positive acceptance in the software market due to its innovative and valuable technology. The first customers to experience it were small business and individual developers.

Our dream persisted and the main goal was to expand Scriptcase as a worldwide software that brings many benefits and facilitate the developers´s work. To achieve that goal, the company has made investments in continuous product improvement, development research, acquirement of high technological components and, especially, on its developers´staff increase. We have also been expanded and improved our support structure, documentation and design in order to attract a range of expert´s attention. This ensures Scriptcase as an international high quality product, seeking continuously the highest levels of demand in the international's software market.
Since then, as a result of those improvements, Scriptcase is running in its eighth version and has about 14,000 users worldwide, from individual developers to private institutions, government and education, in more than 120 countries. In the United States in particular, Scriptcase is already a reference in systems development market and recognized by a notorious customers list.

Check out what the users are saying about Scriptcase.

MAD Business Consulting

"I’m really happy and impressed about the functionality of scriptcase and the results I'm getting out of it in very short time..."

Aducom Software

"We found Scriptcase to be by far the best phpGenerator in it's field. We tried a lot of them. You can create stable and mature applications with just a few mouseclicks..."


"With Scriptcase I can create complete system much more faster then if I would use regular development, Scriptcase is very easy and fast."