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Scriptcase Certified Expert Course Online

This course was created for users who want to master the key features of our development tool and want to evolve in order to have a better experience as a ScriptCase developer. The EXPERT course shows basic and advanced features of all Scriptcase's applications (forms, grids, charts, Report PDF, menus, controls, calendar, Dashboards and TAB applications) and also using additional programming languages and development technologies such as: JavaScript, PHP, SQL, AJAX, jQuery and HTML 5.
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Scriptcase Certified Expert Course Online
20 hours
Online 24/7
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The course objective is to teach how to use Scriptcase capabilities efficiently, applying them to a real development project. To fulfill this goal we have created a complete system called Appointment System and during the course lessons we show all the steps from creation to project delivery. At the end of the tenth module, the attendee will have developed a complete web system using Scriptcase.

The appointment system will allow three type of users (admin, staff, and customer) to schedule and manage paid services. Those services will be attended by an available staff under a customer requirement. The system will also send automatic confirmation emails, print invoices, use the google maps API for navigation, enable all types of charts and management reports and use two different types of schedule calendar.



  • An overview of the four different types of form that can be created using Scriptcase, and its applicability in real situations of a system.
  • Master/Detail feature, with automatic updates of the parent form in a real time when the values in the child form are changed.
  • Combo box automatic and dynamic reload.
  • PHP and JavaScript methods and functions creation to be used in customized validation.
  • Field calculation using AJAX.
  • Creation of customized buttons.
  • Hide/Display buttons according to the type of user.
  • Form layout using blocks, tabs and themes.
  • Updating side database tables in runtime.


  • Creation of filters, advanced and dynamic.
  • Dynamic and Static group by.
  • Creation of dynamic field sum.
  • Option to use summary and charts.
  • Reports using nested grid with tree view.
  • Line by line processing after selecting specific lines of a report.
  • Adding customized HTML to create an invoice with a bar code.
  • PDF Report to print invoices
  • Dynamic chart applications.

And also

  • Data Dictionary
  • Session Variables
  • Native Scriptcase functions (Macros)
  • Automatic email sending.
  • TAB application.
  • Creating and customizing dashboards.
  • Calendar Application.
  • Importing JavaScript library.
  • Using the FullCalendar top creating a customized calendar application.
  • Google maps