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Diogenes Caraballo

Asunción - Paraguay

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SC is really the best tool out there to actually do RAPID DEVELOPMENT, not just give you an integrated environment that allows you to write all code from scratch, with SC it writes probably 90% of all code generally speaking.

David Kovach PHP Developer (USA)

"Scriptcase allowed me to develop much more quicker that what I was used to develop before, Scriptcase helped me over 20 projects and 300 applications"

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Jorge Pinto Scantec Informática View Case Study

Scriptcase is the best chose for people who are interested in lowering the work programming. From time when we start working with scriptcase - we use 70% of our projects time in thinking about logic instead of retyping milions lines of code.

Konarski-Mikolajewicz Easy Access Technology LTD (Poland)

"With Scriptcase enviroment we make the projects twice fast than even before with less than a half of recurses we need previously."

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Ivan Sevilla GAMC S.A. View Case Study

We found Scriptcase to be by far the best phpGenerator in it's field. We can recommend the product to individuals who like to create webapplications as well to pro's who will find Scriptcase not limiting in possibilities but a robust way of speeding up the development process.

Albert Drent Aducom Software (Netherlands)

"Scriptcase is a good tool for quick implementation of front-end applications. Product support has improved greatly and consistently in the past 2 years."

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Ali Zarazvand SoftMedics View Case Study

I was reluctant for a few years to use the Scriptcase here at work. I aways preferred to program the usual way using only PHP, despite of my colleague recommend me Scriptcase and showed me how it was powerful. Earlier this year started using version 8 of Scriptcase and figured out how I wasted time and effort for not following the advice of my colleague before. The atmosphere is super powerful and easy to learn. Basically I rewrote all my old systems in a fraction of the time. I Really recommend it to everyone and congratulate Scriptcase team.

Leonardo Falcão Rio de Janeiro Nuclear Engineering Institute, Brazil

My company ( chose Scriptcase as a product for the development of all web applications. Our market is ERP systems and with Scriptcase we finally found an environment that allows us to obtain effective solutions, complete, reliable and with a very high level of satisfaction. Our satisfaction with the product is so high that we have started a process of training for all our partners involved in customer support with the aim to strengthen the ability of developing new applications

Giorgio Bravi Dolphin (Italy)

I am using ScriptCase 7 for about six weeks. Every time I discover there is a built-in solution for the problem I encounter, or I can write mine own with PHP and/or SQL.

John den Os PHP Developer (Netherlands)

As a seasoned programmer I immediately recognized the elegance that this well structured tool offers. Scriptcase combines a property based development tool and automatic SQL wizards with a highly structured extensible PHP function library. Let me say that again in non-technical terminology. You can work with forms and data without writing any code...and you can insert code exactly where you need it. The user interface is amazingly intuitive.

Philip Martin Jenck Get Smarting Computing (USA)

Rather than having to create web based user interfaces from scratch in PHP/HTML/Ajax for our systems, we were able to use SC to create about 90% or so of the code and they looked great. The hooks built into the system for custom PHP and Ajax code insertion were GREAT to have and allowed us to seamlessly add our own custom code snippets for specialized functions into the existing application.

Kevin Bednar KMBNet Systems (USA)

Working with databases to create forms and applications can be very painful. Tedious and repetitive coding means opportunities for mistakes to infiltrate even the most careful coder’s work. For CRUD functionality (Create, Read, Update, Delete), RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools such as Scriptcase come to the rescue, automating much of the initial setup and code generation for developers. But Scriptcase goes far beyond CRUD to sophisticated reporting and chart production.

Ahmad Permessur Hotscripts (USA)

ScriptCase is just fantastic ! I have been developing Business Software, since 1984. One year ago I took the decision that I was going to move up to WEB Business Applications Development. So, I select SCRIPTCASE, which is a Rapid Aplication Developing Tool. SCRIPTCASE, is powerfull, easy to use, and learn. Applications can really be done on a very fast and professional way. Lot of things are done automatically, is just an state of art and science together on a Software development tool. I have been using it for over a year and is the best decision on software development I had ever took.

Diego Arango XLS SAS (Colombia)

I’m really happy and impressed about the functionality of scriptcase and the results I'm getting out of it in very short time.

Martin Adirsch MAD Business Consulting GmbH (Germany)

I really like the way your product brings together web application development. Please keep up the great work. If it was not for Scriptcase it would have taken me may be four to six months to complete a project which I completed within a month with Scriptcase. Way to go, guys.

Jephta Kazondovi Not available (Namibia)

With Scriptcase enviroment we make the projects twice fast than even before with less than a half of recurses we need previously. Ecofin Cloud SaaS is a solution designed for any business, adapted to companies that do not want to depend on technology, very flexible and easy to use, ideal for companies that want to grow without having to change solution. With Ecofin Cloud you can choose for more tan 12 languajes with just a click with Push Notifications Integrated, Documental management, e-commerce, accounting, stocks, Sales, and purchases all enlaced, is a tool on the cloud with a fast growing of new modules. Ecofin MyCloud is designed to those companies that what to have the powerful of Ecofin cloud at his own facilities.

Ivan Sevilla GAMC S.A., Ecofin Cloud (Spain)

With Scriptcase I can create complete system much more faster then if I would use regular development, Scriptcase is very easy and fast

Jorge Pinto Scantec (Portugal)

I spent all of 5 minutes on each of the other RAD and Scriptcase came across as something that provided me the rudimentary functionality that I was looking and then some when I need it. Scriptcase has both an easy and hard learning curve.

Mike Wilson Legal zoon (USA)

Quiero elogiarlos a ustedes ya que Scriptcase es el mejor software,desafortunadamente muchos colegas y empresas de desarrollo todavía programan toda a pie, pero gracias a Scriptcase se está acabando esa lentitud,hoy en día se esta perdiendo el tiempo en desarrollar un aplicativo, y demorar mínimo 2 meses o más para hacerlo, yo con mi experiencia he desarrollado con Scriptcase una aplicación completa en menos de dos horas y estoy hablando una aplicación de grade porte, sigo a Scriptcase desde hace un tiempo he trabajado con las versiones 7.1 y la 8.

Alexander Caldas Soluciones Empresariales (Colombia)

I am proud to use the Scriptcase RAD tool and receive a professional support of the entire Scriptcase team.

Dalmo Vieira da Silva Developer, Brazil

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