General Overview

Scriptcase offers various tools that help you out on developing systems to optimize the time of development, making it easier to create and maintain your applications within Scriptcase. In this tutorial, you learn what the environment tools are.

Tools menu

  • Data Dictionary - You can use it to standardize the tables fields. It helps you to manage the language variables so you can translate the applications created within Scriptcase as well as model the fields to create the applications faster.

  • External Libraries - This tool offers the option to include external libraries to your project like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and other libraries. It allows you to integrate the various libraries to your applications.

  • Internal Libraries - This tool offers the option to create PHP functions to be used in the applications.

  • To-Do List - Allows you to create a To-Do List and assign Tasks to your developers.

  • Messages - Allows the developers to exchange messages between themselves in the same ScriptCase.

  • Converters - This tool offers the option to convert your projects from previous versions of ScriptCase to the current version.

  • Database Import - This tool offers the option to import tables in the formats (XLS, CSV, and ACCESS) for the following databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and SQL Server

  • SQL Builder - This tool is an interface that provides some options to create a SELECT query to be used in your applications.

  • Database Builder - This tool is an interface to manage your database directly from ScriptCase, without needing to use any other software. It supports the Databases: MySQL, SqlServer (not ODBC), SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL.