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In the Login System PHP, the login interface is one of the most important applications in your system; it must have total security against SQL injection, CSS injection, and JavaScript injection, among others.

In Scriptcase low-code, the application responsible for creating the Login System PHP is the control type application; in it, you can create the necessary fields to allow the user to be validated in the database and then be redirected to the system menu with only the applications permitted for this user.

In the control application, you can easily configure a field to be shown as a password; that is, the user can not see what is being typed in the selected field.

Creating a real secure login system using only PHP would take hours of unnecessary programming, but using Scriptcase low-code will be offered to the developer something called a 'security module' that will allow you to choose between four different types of access control systems, which are they:

  • User - Scriptcase will check if the user has access to the system and if the login and password entered are correct and will redirect it to the system menu.
  • User-Application - Scriptcase will check if the user has access to the system; once validated, the access will show the applications that were allowed to that user.
  • User-Application-Group - Now, each group will have access to one or more applications, and each user will have access to one or more groups; this way, we have 3-level access control.
  • LDAP - Scriptcase will scan your local network for Active Directory permissions and will apply them to your access control system

The best part of the security module is that all applications in your login system's PHP and database will be 100% protected against attack types. The default password is encrypted in the Scriptcase low-code using MD5, an algorithm with the cryptographic scatter function or hash function widely used for producing a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value.

Creating a login system in PHP using the Scriptcase low-code platform is a straightforward process, thanks to its user-friendly interface and powerful backend integration capabilities. Scriptcase provides tools that simplify the creation of secure login systems, which are a fundamental part of most web applications. Here’s an overview of how you can develop a login system with Scriptcase:

  • Database Setup: First, you need a user database where login credentials are stored. Scriptcase supports various database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc. You can easily connect to your existing database and use it for authentication.
  • Creating the Login Form: Scriptcase offers a form application feature that you can use to create the login form. You can define fields for username and password and customize the layout to fit your application’s design.
  • Authentication Logic: Scriptcase allows you to implement the logic for authenticating users. This typically involves checking the entered username and password against the stored credentials in the database. Scriptcase's security module can handle much of this process, including session management.
  • Password Security: It's crucial to handle passwords securely. Scriptcase includes features for hashing passwords before they are stored in the database, adding an essential layer of security.
  • Session Management: After successful login, the user’s session needs to be managed. Scriptcase automatically handles session creation and management, ensuring that users remain logged in as they navigate through different parts of your application.
  • Access Control: Scriptcase provides tools to control access to different parts of your application based on user roles or permissions. You can define roles in your database and restrict access to certain pages or modules accordingly.
  • Error Handling and Validation: You can easily add error messages for invalid login attempts and validate user inputs using Scriptcase’s built-in tools.
  • Customization and Additional Features: There’s room for adding custom features like password recovery, remember me options, and logging of login attempts, which can be integrated into the login system.
  • Deployment: Once your login system is ready, Scriptcase provides a straightforward deployment process, allowing you to deploy your application on various servers or platforms easily.

Here are some examples of Login System PHP with access control created with Scriptcase low-code:

Responsive login system PHP:


Restaurant Management login system PHP: