Scriptcase 9.8

From version 9.8, Scriptcase is also compatible with PHP 8.1,
including performance improvements and new functionalities.


Read all the necessary instructions below for using Scriptcase with PHP 8.1


Up to 38,96% faster than PHP 7.3!

Although the PHP virtual machine is already well optimized in general, there are gradual performance gains over the versions, which we can better understand by analyzing the numbers published on the official PHP launch page.


PHP 8.1 is known as the most secure and stable version. PHP 7.3 users may be exposed to unpatched security vulnerabilities.

Supported version
Compatibility between PHP versions

You can easily import Scriptcase projects with previous versions of PHP, feel free to request help from the support team.

New Classes, Interfaces, and Functions

Enums, New read-only properties, First Class Callable Syntax, new options for launchers, and more.

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Easy installation

You can use the new version of Scriptcase with PHP 8.1 in a brand-new environment. Therefore, you will not compromise your current installation.

Easy installation

To use Scriptcase with PHP 8.1 it is mandatory to perform a new installation, you can download it from the download page of our official website.

Installing the 9.8 version of Scriptcase for PHP 8.1 will not compromise your current installation or the projects in it. That is because the new version will be installed on a different default port: 8092; also, it will have another name in the directory: “NetMake\v9-php81\wwwroot”.

If you have Scriptcase with PHP 7.3 or PHP 7.0, you can also upgrade to version 9.8. However, this upgrade will not change your environment to PHP 8.1.

If you need help with the installation, you can reach our technical support team.

After finishing the installation of Scriptcase with the new PHP 8.1, you can use the version for free during 20 days and make necessary adjustments to your projects. It includes free access to our technical support via chat, available within the Scriptcase interface.

You can use Scriptcase with PHP 8.1 during 20 days without activating it, after 20 days to continue using Scriptcase you must activate it.

To activate, you can request a new serial and register it within the new environment with PHP 8.1. Within the user area of the Scriptcase website, there is an automatic procedure to generate a new serial. See here the steps.

How to migrate your systems

To use the new environment with your systems, you must export the projects in your current Scriptcase. To do this, open the desired project and select the menu Project > Export Project.

Wait for the complete file to be imported, then download the zip.

Finally, in Scriptcase with PHP 8.1, go to the menu Project > Import Project and import the zip downloaded earlier.

After charging, generate the source code for all applications in the imported project and test.

For more details, see a full tutorial.

Compatibility adjustments

The applications generated by Scriptcase are already entirely adapted to PHP 8.1. However, you must complete the necessary tests and adaptations if you use custom codes in events, functions or methods, and internal or external libraries.

We prepared a tutorial explaining how to make these adaptations. Click here to see.

How to report possible errors

We have added the Save Log option at the end of the application generation. If you find any error, not of the nature of the previous section (Compatibility adaptations), you should generate the report and e-mail to: technical support team.

If possible, in addition to the application generation log, envy as many details of the problem as possible. Texts with step-by-step instructions for reproduction, screenshots, and videos will be very welcome.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We explained some doubts to those who already develop with earlier Scriptcase’s versions, if you don’t find an answer for your question, you can contact us.
It 's easy. You just need to download a version on our website. After that, you’ll have 20 days to test your projects with the new environment, you don’t need a license. You can import your projects without registering a license, before you transfer it definitely to Scriptcase 9 on PHP 8.1. Here is a tutorial for installation.
We explained some doubts to those who already develop with earlier Scriptcase’s versions, if you don’t find an answer for your question, you can contact us.
If you use a different version of Scriptcase 9 (such as v8.x, v7.x, v6.x…), you just need to convert your projects to test it on Scriptcase with PHP 8.1. Check this full tutorial to see the steps
No. Although we strongly recommend you to upgrade to PHP 8.1.
If you want to download the PHP 7.3, please click on this link.
Yes. The applications generated by Scriptcase with PHP 7.3 are approved to work on production environments with PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 e 7.3. However, we recommend you to keep your environment updated.
No. All the projects you created on the previous version are fully compatible with PHP 8.1, besides, your current version won’t stop working. You can keep both versions working separately on tests, because each version supports different installations and one doesn't replace the other.
Not. You can keep both versions for testing, they will work on separate ports, the default port for PHP 8.1 version is 8092. Version 9.8 for PHP 8.1 also has a unique installation package, which installs the whole new complete environment without interfering with the old installation, you can download and try it free for 20 days before transferring the license.
If you already have an active license in Scriptcase 9, you can use the same license in the environment with new PHP. However, you’ll have to request for a new installation, so a new serial key can be generated for you. You can check your licenses in our portal in this link.
Yes, you can upgrade since your projects are in Version 9.
You just need to login in your client page on our website, with the same login and passwords you used when you bought your license.
No, if you want a new environment with the PHP 8.1, you have to do a new installation.
Yes, you just need PHP 8.1, Source Guardian and Apache. Check this tutorial for further information: