Without a doubt, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most popular programming languages ​​among developers; the applications created are compiled inside a server called server-side, that is, "server-side script," which runs on a server and not on the user's machine. It supports the creation of innovative and dynamic web applications, the development of application integration extensions, and the streamlining of the system development process.

PHP is a scripting language that is usually used for web development purposes but can also serve as a commonly used language. It is one of the most used and has a record 240 million websites using PHP programming for web design purposes.

Projects developed in this language have several advantages, such as the low cost of investments in infrastructure, and maintenance and the ease of finding specialized professionals. PHP developers are always looking for tools to speed up their workflow, making web-related tasks easier, faster, and better.

There are a number of PHP tools available on the market today; however, finding one that fits in with the developer's specific needs becomes an arduous task, often requiring a certain amount of effort and time for testing and research.

A large number of resources on the internet can make it even harder to choose the right one to use. The point is that it has become an important attribute for a programmer to have the knowledge, albeit basic, in PHP Tools because it is an incredible platform for creating a new website or improving the overall design quality.

If you are a web developer looking for some efficient PHP Tools, then you are in the right place! Scriptcase is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) and low-code tool for PHP code generation that enables rapid, secure, and collaborative development.

Low-code PHP Tools: Scriptcase

With an interface translated into 8 languages ​​and regional configurations compatible with more than 120 countries, Scriptcase is a unique low-code PHP code generator in its category since it can be installed locally or on a web server on the intranet or the internet. It is accessed from a browser and allows multiple developers to work simultaneously on the same project.

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Scriptcase follows the natural way of developing systems with low-code PHP Tools; this is possible through creating customizable applications which interconnect to meet the most complex development needs. We can highlight:

  • Queries, application for data visualization, this application has the character of the report where we can carry out exports PDF, XLS, and XML, among other formats.
  • Form used to display and manipulate the information, enabling the creation of validations at run time, hiding all the complexity of the application's communication with the database. The form application fits when accessed from a mobile device.
  • Control is a free programming application used to perform advanced processing that requires an interface, such as a login screen example. The Blank application can also be used for more robust requests.
  • Menus, applications used to display in menu form other applications created with Scriptcase, also with responsiveness in mobile devices.
  • Dashboard allows you to view various applications embedded in widgets.
  • Blank, this application allows the insertion of PHP / HTML code and displays the result of the processing. The advantage of this application is the possibility of using the macros and the native integration with the other applications.

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