The login interface (Registration System) is one of the most important applications on your system; it must have full security against SQL injection, CSS injection, and JavaScript injection, among others.

On Scriptcase low-code, the application responsible for creating the login interface for your Registration System is the control application; on it you can create the required fields to allow the end-user to be validated on the database and move up to the system menu showing to him only the applications that the developers allow. In the control application, you can easily set a field to be shown as a password; in other words, the user can’t see what's being typed.

To create such a thing using only PHP would take you hours of unnecessary programming, on Scriptcase low-code you also have the option to create it from scratch, but let me tell you that we have something called a security module it will allow you to choose among 4 different types of control access to your Registration System, they are:

  • User - Scriptcase low-code Will just check if the user has access to the system, it will check the login and password typed and will redirect the end-user to the system menu.
  • User-Application - Scriptcase will check if the user has access to the system and will only show the applications that the logged users have access to.
  • User-Application-Group - Now each group will have access to one or more applications, and each user will have access to one or more groups, this way we have a 3 level control access.
  • LDAP - Scriptcase will check out for your network for the active directory permissions and will apply them on your system access control

The best part of the security module is that all your applications from your Registration System and your database are 100% protected against any type of attack, the password by default is encrypted on Scriptcase using MD5 is an algorithm is a widely used cryptography hash function producing a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value.

Here are some examples of login screens with access control created with Scriptcase low-code:

Responsive login:


Restaurant Management login: