Scriptcase is a powerful low-code tool and PHP Report Generator. With it, you can create dynamic PHP reports, extracting and displaying data from the leading databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, among others.

Internally, Scriptcase low-code PHP Report Generator creates report based on SQL commands that can attach one or more tables. With its graphical interface, you can customize your PHP report any way you wish, removing fields, changing display masks, doing calculations at runtime, making dynamic searches, and more.

You can also create reports in PDF format, grid, or graphs (bar, pizza, line, area, etc ...), only choosing fields and customizing their values for display. Scriptcase low-code - PHP Report Generator also has a range of features that make it able to memorize and group data, making the reading and understanding of the report even more clear and objective. The use of Scriptcase can reduce the time of reports creation up to 80%, allowing you to focus only on the business rule as it does all the hard work itself.

The use of Scriptcase PHP Report Generator can reduce the time of reports creation up to 80%, allowing you to focus only on the business rule as it does all the hard work itself.

Check Some Examples:

Report with a Group by - Customers x States:

Report templates based BI with dashboards, pivot tables, and indexes, abstracts, matrices and charts:

With Scriptcase low-code PHP Report Generator, you create reports quickly and simply. Using the tool's native resources, it is possible to create them in a matter of minutes. From the selection of the table in the database, Scriptcase automatically creates all the HTML structure, methods, and interactions so that this table can be edited from the fields in the query, this represents added value to your project. Learn more about this and other resources that Scriptcase low-code makes available to you. Download the free version of our tool now and start enjoying all the benefits it offers today.

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